Heatblast227 (again)

Hello everyone,

Guess what? I found Heatblast227 again! He added me as my buddy.

And also, he submitted a comic for the Penguin Times! Here it is:heatblast227’s comicHeatblast227

Until then… Waddle on, dudes!



27 responses to “Heatblast227 (again)

  1. hi there how are u

    Pappydrewit’s Comment: hi there, im fine!

  2. I’ve read that comic,
    Then when I watched Heatblast’s videos,
    I remember the comic!
    Pappydrewit’s Comment: yeah!

  3. HELLO! heatblast is da bomb hes my friend im known for almost a year. SOOOOOO nice 🙂 hes added me a long time ago… Also im gonna make very good in Ryerocks TV. Probably in 2 weeks. BUT MAN PROBABLY WON’T BE AS HOOD AS ARE FRIEND HERE! (heatblast227) but pretty good 😀

  4. does that rockheer thing really work?

  5. i mean rockhopper

  6. Hi Pappydrewit cool site

  7. heatblast is not ur buddy

  8. lol cptv!

  9. thats me to heatblast227

  10. i know this commic my penguin was that time please meet me on ice age server

  11. hey everybody

  12. heatblast u need to get on march 17 on server avalanche at 2:00 P.M. PST because there’s a huge party at the dojo. Meet me there. my penguin’s name is BriMaster.

  13. cool, i met halo and heatblast. HOW COOL IS THAT?

  14. hi heatblast i saw you on mamoth yesterday

  15. can i put that pic of you on my site please my site is http://www.Austin17056.wordpress.com

  16. Hi heatblast im bluedude4867. Can you meet me some day? Cause’ I’m a huge fan and I tried getting to all of your parties. I never get to go to that place cause’ it’s full. Go on hibernate and meet me at my igloo Saturday 9:00 CP time if you dont see me keep going on hibernate. I wanna’ interview you and put it on youtube. Thanks!!!!

  17. yo heatblast!!!!!!!
    i have tryed to go to all of your parties that i have known about, and i missed EVERY SINGLE ONE. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got into one, but by the time i did, U WERE GONE!!!!!!!!!!! =( could i please meet you? My Club Penguin penguin’s name is Missy Pur (made it up when i was 7 or 8) well i gtg. if you ever see me, could i talk to u? sorry if i have bugged u.
    Oh P.S. My e-mail is broken just in case you get this and try to
    e-mail me. (that would probably never happen. though) =(

  18. oh sorry. i dont know why there is a smiley face covering those words, but they are : (made it up when i wa 7 or 8) well i gtg

  19. oh!!! i know why!! it says : (made it up when i was 7 or 8 ) well gtg

  20. that is what it says. thank god it worked this time!!! it was doing a smiley because i did a 8 and this thing ) .

  21. WOW heatblast227 made that comic in the summer!

  22. IS THIS HEATS WEBSITE???????????

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