Heatblast227’s birthday!!!!!!! 365 days old!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone,

Today Heatblast227, my buddy, is 365 days old! Heatblast227 will start a party on Friday, at 3:00 pm.

Waddle on!



4 responses to “Heatblast227’s birthday!!!!!!! 365 days old!!!!!!!!

  1. My birthday was never celebrated my penguin Ryerocks102 is currently: 489 days old. Can I celebrate some more on my b-day with you and Heatblast? Oh ya Paper Drewit. You were dancing with me and my purple puffle puff lol. Your a good dancer!

    Pappydrewit’s Comment: Sure, i’ll celebrate! 🙂 And i’m not paperdrewit. 😳 also, thanks! 😀

  2. yeah,i still have to wait ova 200 days till im one year old

  3. Lol, the b-day was a blast. Get it? Heatblast! And yeah he came and lol he was guard! Man, not too much comments huh? Oh soz pappy, lol I called u Paper by accident ur Pappydrewit lol!:D

  4. Heatblast is my buddy too! =) Oh and ur my buddy too! (double) =D

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