Hello everyone,

I found R2dpenguin66!! Here is a picture of R2dpenguin66.

Waddle on!

PDNote: I found R2dpenguin66 at Vital Viper’s igloo.


11 responses to “R2dpenguin66

  1. Yeah, he’s my buddy on CP. I can’t wait till the Fall Fair.

  2. cool! r2dpenguin66’s your buddy? tell him to add me! 🙂

  3. Uhhhh yeah hes also my buddy. If u go to his site u will see my igloo in some of his movies

  4. he’s also your buddy?

  5. when you see him tell him to add me


    Pappydrewit’s Comment:
    Yes, it was at Vital Viper’s igloo. I want to become R2dpenguin66’s buddy.

  7. Hey Radpenguin66 this post is by BobbyJackMonkeyGirl.But on Clubpenguin I am Sippery17. It is the 21st of nov. yesterday i tried to be your buddy but i didn’t get an answer. PLEASE MEET ME AT THE COVE TODAY AT 4:00 OUR TIME!!!thanx!

  8. Sorry R2dp i accidently spelt your name wrong on my last post.

  9. Oh i forgot on Rockyroad for one of my posts

  10. Yeah im his buddy too im also an admin on his site =D

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