new header


i hope you like the new header! i got it from !

keep waddling!

Papp 8)


5 responses to “new header

  1. Heyy! Love the new header! I get my headers from as well! I think I’m your buddy on CP. LOL! Nicee Sitee! Hope you can visit mines!

    dancee itt upp

  2. Awesome header dude! I will be sure to check in to this Roboheaders website! See ya later Pappy!
    Pappydrewit’s Comment:
    Ok Dboy.

  3. Hola! kewl site!
    Freak out!

  4. Hey there! Cool post =) , Pls comment bak on our site me and chewy pup! , thx!
    ~chewy mohd~ The mohderators 😉

  5. hey there! Please help us unban the penguin chewy pup! Hes a great friend and he got hacked 😦 so pls send cp emails!
    ~ chewy pup and mohd 222~ Mohderators rules! :CRY: pls help!

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