Global Warming!!!!


There is a piece of iceberg in the telescope floating. This must be a sign of Global Warming!

Here’s a pic:


Until next time! Stay Pappy! 

Papp 8)



9 responses to “Global Warming!!!!

  1. t0talclubpenguin

    Hey everyone im holding a christmas party!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When? The 29th of december at 5:00 club penguin time (1:00 england time)
    Where? On the server mittens in glalicmarsh’s igloo which will be opened on the map for everyone to come and join in the fun
    Special Guests? Jt983 and snugg05 will be there as special guests
    What happens there? Chill out out and do what ever you want also there will be games
    Waddle on penguins everywhere
    P.s anyone can come
    also visit my website

  2. Same! I think rockhoppers gonna crash on it like last time! :S Or the Iceberg is falling apart 😛 Sorry about yesturday´s party, it was because all my friends in real life had no computer so basically they had no chance to go on the internet! But I promise next party will be great! (10,000 Hits party) And its going to be very soon!! BTW how many hits do you have? You dont have a widget that says how many. Oh ya I like that music 😀

    8) Malvis Cooldude 8)

  3. idk wut im gonna cal it yet

  4. Hey,
    Sweet! I think it has to do with a new mission =)
    btw, can u add me to ur blogroll?


  5. if you go to aguair’s site, his freind says he got hit by a car this morning riding his bike to a freinds house! she says that aguair is in a coma at the hospital! go visit his site!

  6. Hey, Pappy! I haven’t talked to you in a while!

  7. nice post =) happy new year!

    Papp Says: Thanks! :mrgreen: And please can you add me to your buddy list?

  8. I wonder if it will maybe give information on that tommorw in the newspaper?

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