Sneak peek of new stage play…


I guess it will be about superheros?


12 responses to “Sneak peek of new stage play…

  1. That would be very cool!! Hopefully we will be able to buy masks!
    Pappyd =]
    YES! The superhero masks! 😀

  2. Were did you go to download GIMP 2? What is the URL?

  3. Nice post pappy, pls comment back on my site =)

  4. i know what it is its SPIDERMAN!!!! lol

  5. i got it pappy, but im still trying to figure out how to use it!

  6. hey pappy! i saw u used the pixel penguin i made u in one of the picz for your header! ur header looks really cool! cya!
    thnx for using the pixel penguin i made u!

  7. Hi! I like a LOOT your site!
    You rock!
    Can you plz plz comment back if you have time?
    Pappyd =]

  8. Hey.. Pappy.. 🙂 Ya same here i guess its be superheros.. 😛 or like batman and spiderman and superman LOL…

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