There goes the Migrator… shipwrecked!


If you go to the telescope you will see the Migrator being crashed into the Iceberg! This must be something to do with the new mission! Here’s a animation if you don’t believe me:


Stay Pappy And Pie!

 Papp 8)


2 responses to “There goes the Migrator… shipwrecked!

  1. Hey nice animation i hope rh is ok!!!! i saw it too in the telescope so thats double proof!!! lol

    hope he gets to Club Penguin soon!!! 🙂

    cool blog by the way-i was wonderin if u could give me some tips???
    i just started my blog today
    😦 😉

    Pappydrewit Says:
    Me too!
    Yes, I can give you Tips!

  2. ahhh thank you papps for agreein im really sorry i used youre thing on my blog im sorry if i had to ask permission 😦 ill take it off if u want?

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