~Winter Fiesta!!!!~


The winter fiesta is here! Here are the rooms decorated:


The free item is the maracas but a different color!


The new pin is the sombrero at the forest in a pinata 😉


And also, the new furniture catalog came out!


Stay Pappy!

Papp 8)


8 responses to “~Winter Fiesta!!!!~

  1. Holla!

    Nice post!


  2. How do you make moving pics of CP???

    -Pengills- 😉

    P.S. I added you to my blogroll cuz your sites so cool!

    Pappydrewit Says:
    Download the program Camtasia Studio 5!

  3. Hey pappy! Awesome post. I am doing you a super cool header!! it will rock, and i have finished your plushie, check it out on my page http://www.coolpengu.wordpress.com/mini-plush-fun

    Stay pappy! lol


    Pappydrewit Says:
    Cool! 😀 What will it look like?

  4. Hola!

    You might wanna check my site on lottery…
    Theres a suprise 😉
    Cool post by the way =)


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