Club Penguin Improvment Project Update =]]]


The Improvment Project is updated!


You can view the improvment project by clicking on the eye scanner.

To go to the server test, Click here . I don’t think you can join it yet.

Read more about the improvement project here.

Want to know the free item for the St Patrick’s, Easter, and April Fool’s Day party? Here they are:

St. Patrick’s Day Item

Name: Gigantic St. Patrick’s hat
Type: Head
Cost: Free

Easter Party Item

Name: Green Bunny Ears
Type: Head
Cost: Free

April Fools Day Party Item

Name: Swirly Glasses
Type: Face
Cost: Free

Stay Pappy!



2 responses to “Club Penguin Improvment Project Update =]]]

  1. Lol. You copied a few lines of what I put, but thats alright. Your still linking to me so I’ll take that as credit. Nice post. 😉

  2. sup im your buddy pappydrewit

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