St Patrick’s Day Party + New Pin + The Space stuff from the stage is back =]


The new stuff is here!

The Gigantic St Patrick’s Day hat is at the ski village. Here is a pic to show what it looks like:


Now for the pin. It is at the boiler room, and it is a book. To get it roll your mouse over to it, and it will land on the ground.


The space play and items are back. Well, the catalog has a new item.



Does anyone notice a new book in the Book Room? It is a yearbook from 2005 to 2006. Thanx Wwe Adam!


Stay Pappy!

Pappeh! 😉


10 responses to “St Patrick’s Day Party + New Pin + The Space stuff from the stage is back =]

  1. Hey pappy!

  2. Yay! you rock pappy!
    Coolio post!
    do you have msn??
    also, the music you have is awesome!
    i love daddy yankee.

    Keep your rocking style!

  3. Cool!
    Keep it up =)
    please comment back =]

  4. Hey pappy!! Go to my site, I “tagged” you!!

  5. mrfun5anddirtshorts

    hey we are having a party!!!!

  6. Hello Pappy,
    This is Anamiley7 from
    You were on my site earlier and created a Wacko Pet Penguin. I am here to tell you that I created it and it is posted on my site! Can you add my site to your blogroll? I will add you! Please reply by commenting on my site!

  7. Nice post =)
    Your on my buddy list on cp!
    I just relized you had a site :lol”

  8. HI Pappy! Where You Helping Me With Ummmmmmmmmm Who’s contest was that………………. Oh yeah! Wait No……… CPmonsters Yeah that s it!!!!!!!!

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