☺Club penguin comics [5]☺

Comic #1: Fish In Ice Cream(here is the comic I’ll try to publish in the Penguin Times):


Comic #2: The Yellow Puffle Is Found By Me!:


Comic 3: http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w158/pappy_drewit/comic3.png

Comic 4: http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w158/pappy_drewit/comic4.png

Comic 5 (Sorry that I made it comic 4 instead of comic 5.) : http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w158/pappy_drewit/comic4-1.jpg

More comics coming soon!


11 responses to “☺Club penguin comics [5]☺

  1. Nice!! That’s Funny!
    Pappydrewit’s Comment: Thanks Stellar!

  2. uhh ok

  3. u might actuly make it!

  4. The yellow puffle was not an edit. I saw it myself TWICE

  5. Cool!

  6. plz visit my website 112233mod.wordpress.com 🙂

  7. clubpenguinlolcentral


  8. this web is the best!!! lol

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