Here are my animations:

This is the one I wanted to be my new banner, but it wouldn’t work:


Here is a spinny of me:

 Here is the animation that was used by my Youtube channel background:


 Here is a dancing animation:


 Here’s a stepping animation:


Here’s an animation with me and Icekat0123:


Here’s another animation of me:


Here is a new animation for my Youtube background:


dojo door animation:


More animations coming soon!


20 responses to “Animations

  1. This comment had swearing and has been deleted by Pappydrewit.

  2. wut do u use to make animations
    Papp Says:

  3. Ξ≡¤ζΘØζΘΦÐΣΣΜ¤≡Ξ

    how do u make animations?????????
    Papp Says: Go to

  4. cool site and sorry u cant be admin because if i picked u my fans would get really mad at me u no whant mean right anyway sorry.

    Papp Says: Ok.

  5. this animations are so awesome.. 😛

  6. nice animatons

  7. ur flippy flashe is done

  8. i make animations too. they are cool.

  9. I have Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. how do u make animations?

  11. wot animation programs do u use?

  12. Hola!

    sorry to ask but can i be a admin/editor?

    Untill then… Waddle Off!

  13. Please tell me how to make animations Pappy!

  14. how do u make em?

  15. Hi, Im on Club penguin
    How do you get an Animated 3D irish flag for your Backround on Youtube? Ive been trying for ages!

  16. dear unknown who commented on feb. 3, 08,

    u said u have diamond and pearl.
    well, i beat both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. im ur #1 fan pappy, i wish i could meet u server mammoth, @ 4:00 in the nightclub i hope it comes true!!


  18. and 4/11/08. forgot that


  19. 🙄 morgan he might be busy leave him alone!

  20. oh ok… When Spongekid3’s first comment, (febuary 9th) Bluwaddles u where @ my b-day party!! dat funny

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