famous penguinz






















47 responses to “famous penguinz

  1. how did you find all them??? did you get their pics or did you see them in cp???
    Pappydrewit’s Comment:

  2. You forgot a penguin, and it’s not a member cuz its hardly even on, but its name is Tourmaline91

  3. you might have seen me before. I am buba2300. I want to know if you will add me because u know dboy192. on cptop25.wordpress.com I am the 3rd most famous penguin! U r 4!!

  4. hey i know you……. oh wait no du im your buddy sry….:D

  5. How do you bacome a famous penguin?!

  6. i got puk!and mohd222.but ag deleted me=(

  7. wait one sec… sooooo…. well im just bored sry… and i got a new site… here it is mattman4444.wordpress.com well its not as good as yours:[ but effort counts!!! i think…

  8. Can i be on here? There are like 77 pics of me on my site!
    Papp Says: Sure!

  9. wow i know alot of them! aguair puckalicous maze maker ang mohd 222 are some! ive seen abunch of them 2! (like dendo guy!)
    freak out!

  10. pappydrewit this is spikeman 5 your wordpress is so cool!if you want you can go onto my wordpress its press 4 wordpress ok!i dident do much yet but im going to start working on it!by the way you are one of the most famos penguins i think. thats it for now bye!

  11. i almost became famous but my if you can remember Candyvia that had a membership that is defently me i miss myself! myself?

  12. im mikeyaw.
    Im not famous?
    Papp Says: Well, you are. As soon as I see you on CP.

  13. THanks! But I think your missing Fylliper.
    Papp Says: Ok.

  14. This comment had swearing and being mean to my mom and has been deleted by Pappydrewit.

  15. Need the latest hints, cheats, and secrets? Having trouble finding the latest pin? Can’t seem to get on with the latest mission. Don’t know whats in the newspaper? Want help with EVERTHING Club Penguin? Then check out: http://www.clubpenguinhintsandtips101.wordpress.com for ALL the info and help with Club Penguin!!

    Cya there!

    Plz visit and leave a comment! Updated every day!!

  16. hey man im famous can i go up here?
    Papp Says: Sure! 😀

  17. awesome! 😀

  18. any time now????
    Pappyd =]
    I’ll add you up there as soon as I have time!

  19. can i go on there
    ryanrocks isnt famous

  20. sageboy u need to shutup i mean seriously just because u havent heard of me doesnt mean nobody else has so back off punk and also what makes u think ur famous?? ive never heard of u ive asked many of my good friends on cp (clay aichen puffer youkilis 619shawnhbk) and do u know what they said? never heard of him thats what! so back off dude.

  21. oh and pappydrewit rockin header man! 😀

  22. I hate it when people say their famous……….oh, and could you add me to your blogroll? My site is http://clubpenguinnewspaperstand.wordpress.com/ (not my header site)

    VOTE FOR ME IN THE POA! http://penguinoscarawards.wordpress.com THANKS, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

    Pappyd =]

  23. P.S. That’s my new site, my old one is http://emtek77.wordpress.com/ , you might know me from their 😉
    Pappyd =]

  24. thats awesome thanks papp! oh and also heres a tip if u want ur smiley face to come to life just type 2 dots then put a smile thats the 0 but if u capitalize it then type it down and press enter ur smile will be……..ALIVE!!! ITS ALIVE!! MUAHAHA!! lol

  25. Billybob?

  26. I met twocoldfeet in cp once, and ive seen heatblasts tv series and i know some of the others from wordpress too but about half of these famous penguins i never heard of, lol

    P.S. can you add me to your blogroll, youre on mine, my site is:

  27. Aww im not there. LOL 🙂 🙂

    Pappydrewit Says:
    I’ll add you up there as soon as I have time! LOL!

  28. Its ok pappy. I was just joking.
    P.S. How do you make the pappydrewit says thing?
    Pappydrewit Says:
    1. Ok.
    2. It’s easy, edit your comments!

  29. Thanx Pappy! 🙂 🙂

  30. hey it’s me ur bff waddlguin NICE SITE!

  31. Oh yeah um i sorta don’t see me on this page. (hint hint)

  32. hey!!
    please a-mail me to tell me when the next cp party is. the programing must be messed up, because today’s
    february 11th 2008

    Pappeh: A-mail?

  33. e-mail, no a-mail. sorry

    Pappeh: Ok.

  34. most of them are my budds mohd222 i talk to him on msn everyday but hes not my buddy on cp but r2dpenguin66 is my buddy
    -lpg 123

  35. pappydrewit do u make headers???because i need one really bad!!!

    Pappy: No, sorry, I do not make headers! 😦

  36. Erhem erhem you kinda missed someone erhem erhem lol jk. Nice site Pappy!
    Pappy: It’s you! 😀

  37. aaaahh!!!! sanity penguin. hey u should add me. im on frozen alot so u can see me

  38. hey!?
    im on ur buddies list and im bluwaddles!!!!!
    every1 wants to be my buddy when im online!
    lots of ppl r on my site which is: http://www.bluwaddles.wordpress.com
    add me plz plz!

  39. Hey really cool blog!
    I found it by accident but really liked it, I don’t have many blogs on my blogroll can I add urs please? and would u put me on urs ?!
    it’s http://www.fluffypuppets.wordpress.com

  40. im swimteamgrl9 and is bff with lakera!! i would love it if u put me on- Swimteamgrl9 meet me – server- mammoth, place- iceburg, time- 12:00 PM, date- 4/20/08

  41. Put Beakwak1 up I do a lot of videos!!


  42. hello I said put beakwak up IM ON YOUTUBE

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