The 1st one… me playing a song on the violin from the movie The Incredibles

The 2nd one… my best friend Cirt’s buddy list (featuring me!).

 The 11th one… The Pappydrewit Show 7.

 The 3rd one… The Pappydrewit Show 3.

The 4th one… The Pappydrewit Show 4.

The 5th one…The Pappydrewit Show 2.

 The 6th one… explains how I got my black puffle, shopboyz.

The 7th one… me having fun at

 The 8th one… The Pappydrewit Show 6.

The 9th one… Pranky Phone Calls #1. 

 The 10th one… Pranky Phone Calls #2.

 The 12th one… The Pappydrewit Show 8.

Well, that’s all the videos! More coming soon!



7 responses to “Vids

  1. cool videos

  2. cool vids huh?

  3. TOTALLY DUDE!!!!!!!

  4. you have a sister well i have a brother who is the same as i am. are yall the same age too? olso come to my site

    Keep it cool 😎


  5. what you doing

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