Rules for the chat page:

  • No fighting
  • No swearing
  • No inappropiate language
  • No links or saying “Click on my name”

~Pap~ :mrgreen:


52 responses to “Chat

  1. playing on club penguin

  2. hi pappydrewit what you doing!!!!

    Pappydrewit’s Comment: Nothing much.

  3. i finally got on youtube, so i made a new page… the videos page!

  4. Nice site, PappyDrewit. Wanna meet on CP sometime????????
    Contact me!!
    Pappydrewit’s Comment: ok 😀

  5. hi ppl! how are you guys doing?!?!!

  6. 🙂

    Pappydrewit’s Comment: 🙂

  7. Go to my site to guess what that box at the Dock is!!

  8. i a Rockhopper i am a computer in clubpenguin i know it sounds shocking but its true P.S. bitch

    Pappydrewit’s Comment: Please don’t swear!!!!!!! 😯

  9. BYE i mean Aloha i should say that in the middle it means both GRETTINGS EARTHLINGS 10th commet i am not candyvia she got banned and non-memeber accoubt are’nt fun anymore after you find out the life of a m e m b er a c c o u n t if you c a n ‘ t read that which that w o n ‘ t h a p p e n i ‘ m talking stupidly a n d i t’ s ITS IN THE MIDDLE SO ALOHA f u n t y p e i n g L i k E t H i S or i may type LIKEthis or, LiKetHis or like this yeah i think ill stick with regular i wish gas prices did stick to regular prices i REmber before i was alive gas prices wher 9% a gallon who’d i rember that , they can be regular like 1.00 insted of 999,999,888,888,777,666,555,444,333,222,111,000.9809 wait will earth and oil still be around when it get that high? my brain is saying ”Earth to big mouth/brain/inner me /head ITS TIME TOO SHUT UP!” hey my brain is rude in a very right way i better shut up. Howdy i mean good night no no no i mean may the force be with you

    Pappydrewit’s Comment: What the?!?

  10. SIING ALONG TIMMMMMMWWEEEEE I love you ,youlove me where a happy family with a great big hug a a kiss GROOSe from me too you barney can be ur friedn too ITS my theme song. Wait aint it barneys. That Ain’t the andswer i need too use english

    Pappydrewit’s Comment: It is Barneys. And also, I dont like Barney.

  11. ;p


  12. OPEN UP A CHAT please
    Pappydrewit’s Comment: i did.

  13. I am ta4422 on Club Penguin.

  14. Holiday Carol

    Joy to the world that Barney’s dead. I BBQed his head. And what i did with his body i flushed it down the potty. Round and Round it goes. round and round it goes.RoOUUnnD and round and it goes.

    Barneys ending song

    I hate you, you hate me. We make the worst of family’s. With a great big shot gun and a terror on the the news. Barney will kidnap you too.
    Thanks for watching (reading) Barney you 2 year old bastard ( i do not mean that in a bad way just a joke my brother is 3. and i love like him)

  15. at school i am sorta the class clown but at school (middle school) ( elementry school) you guess because its winter break started today and my brain is off! but i have a club 2 girls 3 boys and we call it the four stooges ( do the math i got it wrong my brain is off remember) so don’t think i am an idiot with my joke plus i typed up 17 and 18 along time ago back then i was a dork- NOT!


  17. Hey pappydrewit can we meet on CP someday? 🙂

    CP Name: Joca2000

  18. Pengills:
    Did you see the new mission yet pappydrewit?


  19. hey heatblast227!!!
    i was just wondering, when is your next cp party? i thought there was one today but you wern’t there

  20. your website is wrong. today is the 11th not the 12th, i just checked my calender. REALLY POSTED FEBRUARY 11th 2008

  21. YO!!! heatblast if you read this, hello!!!!

  22. i have a wordpress it is
    how do u put music on there i really want to know!

  23. Pappy: No, this site is not a copy of Yankateer’s site!

  24. hi
    i love ur site im a huge fan
    im swimteamgrl9 on cp meet me on mammoth- 3/20/08
    @ 4:30pm

  25. hey pappy
    im ur #1 fan!!!!!!!!!
    my penguin is about 510 days old!lol
    meet me on mammoth on 4/2
    as soon as u can!

  26. Don’t forget earth hour, tonight from 8-9 P.M.! Earth hour is where you shut all the lights out for 1 hour! Hope you participate to help the Earth!!

  27. hey pappy do u like webkinz?
    i do!
    i have 25.
    if u do, tell me ur username.
    if not, FINE be that way
    webkinz rock

  28. n my competitions page you have won some prize tokens ( ) on the competitions page! Go check!

    -Pengills 😉 –

  29. sorry pappy!
    i couldnt go on 4/2!
    how about 4/5?
    on mammoth
    backup server is snow cone.
    plz go!

  30. pappydrewit can you make me a header?? because if you can i want it so badly ok bye!

  31. Hi pappy!


  33. Man Pappy, this site is awesome!

  34. bluwaddles wrote alot of commentz……. i have a website but its not wordpress, its piczo

  35. dear mogan,
    i did not write a lot!
    use ur brain

  36. hey hey hey
    Guess who it is?
    ME! 😀
    What’s up?
    I havent talked to you (or anyone) in a while.
    My wordpress got stolen, multiple times, and i sold my penguin
    I just decided to check back, and talk to my old friends, you being one of them
    if u wanna keep in touch, e-mail me at
    Send my e-mail around if you want. you can also add me to msn with that e-mail
    good luck with your wordpress
    Your’s truly.

  37. ~~Chido Quique~~

    Hi Pappy!
    Can you work on my site?
    i need ur e-mail psot it here or in my site
    comment backkkkkk 😉

  38. Woot! 50th Comment! Well I Would Like To Say That I LIKE PIE AND YOU CANT DO MUCH ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. u wat

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