New clothing and wig catalog


srry 4 posting lated here is the new stuff

Today a new Wig Catalog was released.


Two new wigs were released.

The Firestriker 550c

The Sidetied Too 500c

To get the secret wig (Spikette 500c) click on the Spikester.

Now, moving on to the new Clothing Catalog.

There are many new clothes.

Dragon Costume 1000c

Kings Crown 500c

Royal Robe 400c

Queens Crown (very rare, brought back) 450c

Queen’s Dress 600c

Knight Helmet 400c

Knight Armour 600c

Tabards 250c each

Shields 350 each

Emerald Hat 300c

Emerald Dress 550c

Blacksmith Apron (Price Unknown to non-members)


To get the Crystal Staff 250c, click on the hand of the dragon.

To get the Woodsman’s Hat 200c, (reminds me of Zelda), click on the Emerald Hat.

To get the Cheesey Tie 125c, click on the part where a tie would go on the Casual Suit Jacket.

To get the Red Viking Helmet 750c, click on the Cocoa Bunny’s Bow.

To get the Blue Viking Helmet 1200c, open and close the Red Viking Helmet four times.

There are also two new backgrounds.

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Rockhopper’s Private Headquarters Revealed =]


Finally! We get the key to the headquarters! To get it, go into the coffee shop, go to the book room, and go to the last page of RH’s journal, there will be the key 😀  :

And if you get the key, you will get to go into the private headquarters! Here’s a pic of the headquarters:

The room is neat and awesome!

There is a new game It is called Treasure Hunt! Here’s a pic of the game:

I’d say that the game is fun!

This is the new stuff!

Stay Zing!

Pappeh! :mrgreen:

What Billybob says… =]


Hello Penguins!


It’s not very often a new room opens in Club Penguin, but I wanted to let you know that a new room will show up sometime next week! It’s supposed to be a big surprise so I can’t say a lot more than that right now. But if you’re on Club Penguin over the weekend you’ll definitely hear about it! 


In other news: A party to celebrate Rockhopper’s return kicks off on Friday. It’s only a weekend party so be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!


Until then…waddle on!


-The Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on April 23 2008 11:03

Pirate Party and Sports Catalog =]


Here are new stuff:

Pirate Party:

The new pin is at the ski village, it’s a treasure chest:

The sailor hat is at the ski village:

Sports Catalog:

Those are the new stuff!

Pappeh! 🙂

Rockhopper’s back with new stuff =]

New furniture and igloo catalog


Post by Aguair

I have sneakily found the new catalog’s for 18th April!


Here is the new furnitures:

Click on the LCD Television to get the Big Screen TV

LCD Television

Big Screen TV

Click on the Refrigerator for the Cake


Click on the “P” in “Plants” to get the Palm Tree

Palm Tree

Igloo Catalog:

Here is the new Igloo Catalog for April/May


Here is the new Igloo:

Here is the new Floor:

Click on the crowbar to get the Secret Stone Igloo:

Secret Stone Igloo

Click on the Stone Igloo’s door to get the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo:

Stone Igloo
Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo


There are 2 new postcards. One invites you to the stage, one invites you to the coffee shop.

Zing Out!

Pappeh! 😉

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