New Stage + New Pin


Here are the new stuff:

Stage: The play the Twelefth Fish is back and its items too! Well, there’s a new background in the catalog.

The new pin is a goblet which is at the coffee shop and youll have to hover over it to get it and it will land on the ground.

Those are the new stuff!




3 responses to “New Stage + New Pin

  1. hi pappydrewit, it’s skullangel1 from club penguin at the dock, we just became buddies. kool site u have here! could ya check out mine? it’s:


  2. cool. And hey are you ever on meebo? I was wondering if u could make me a header.

  3. please help i am quting (maybe) but u can help we have to beta snash1338 in hits.then i wont quit then i wont givaway my beta’s and if i do i will get everyone stuff like penguins with a million coins and free memberships.please help at
    hope u can help that would be great,cpmac waddle on for the last time(maybe)
    P.S.and snash has 48,000 hits

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