My chatbox


14 responses to “My chatbox

  1. 1st one to post!!

  2. 2nd to post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (i love being the 2nd because i was born on the second)

  3. I am Ta4422. i go on club penguin

  4. U R ALL WIERD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 2nd one to post!!

  6. my club penguin got banned because i was saying hello but i forgot the o so i typed hell. YIKES!!!

  7. hey man ur my bud on cp awesome! but theres one thing i hate justin timberlake lol

  8. thats funny iamcandyvia

  9. sexyback is inapropriate! young ones should not hear this! anyway this sounds like **** ! but i kinda like it

  10. dude go to my chat its way better

  11. hi ime bord som 1 talk to me please

  12. k night2247, what do we talk about?

    and pappy, work on ur web!

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